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ISO 9001:2015 Lead Implementer Course Online

ISO 9001:2015 Lead Implementer Course Online

In this online course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about ISO 9001, plus how to become an independent consultant for implementing a Quality Management System according to ISO 20700. This ISO 9001 lead implementer training is made for beginners in quality management and consulting, so no prior knowledge is needed to take this course.

The exam from this course is globally recognized proof that you are competent in performing the role of ISO 9001 consultant or ISO 9001 practitioner. This kind of certificate will give you better career prospects because a majority of companies will search for professionals with this kind of formal certificate.

The course is organized into 3 parts: video lectures, a workshop, and an online exam. Each part will bring you closer to becoming a certified ISO 9001 Lead Implementer.

The course was developed by Carlos Cruz, who has 30 years of experience helping various organizations including industrial, healthcare, and service companies in the implementation of management systems.

Course instructors are Garry Cornell and Strahinja Stojanovic. Garry has rich experience with ISO standards as a senior manager, consultant, and certification auditor. He has worked with businesses internationally, in a range of different industries, helping them to implement and improve their management standards.

Strahinja has rich experience with ISO 9001, and also with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 as a consultant, certification auditor, and trainer. He is the author of numerous articles on the leading ISO 9001 blog, and also of the ISO 9001 Documentation Toolkit.

Attend a workshop

Because we believe that the skills for implementing ISO 9001 cannot be learned solely through video lectures, we also prepared a workshop. This one-day workshop is delivered face-to-face in Guyana, during the workshop, you will learn how to use your knowledge in real life through various case studies, role play, etc., and you will learn soft skills that will additionally prepare you for the certification exam as well as for the role of consultant.

Pass the exam

After you go through the video lectures, activity questions, and practice exams, and after you attend the workshop, you are ready for the final step toward your certification. A computer-based certification exam.

After passing the exam, you will receive the certificate, which is your formal proof that you are competent in performing the role of ISO 9001 consultant.

The price of the exam is included in the workshop price, so after you book your workshop you automatically have the right to access the exam.

Contact Us:

Email: service@greenstateoilandgas.com

Tel# Guyana: (592) 622-5991/692-9827/644-6608

Tele# USA: 1(718) 577-2709

Benefits of Getting the certificate

A certificate of competence proves that you attended the training course and that you passed the certification exam. This ensures that you understand and can apply the knowledge you gained in each of the course’s modules.

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